Tuesday, May 26, 2009

please read the reviews

before you buy anything. for instance, you could pass up this beauty on amazon thinking 'i don't need another wolf shirt', but if you read the reviews you could become better informed to the lurking awesomeness that lies within such a product. and, don't think that this thinking exists for awesome wolf shirts, at one point earlier this year most 'gamers' would have declared the death of the ps3 (yours truly included). this has been since soundly crushed by the current release of something infamous and the upcoming 'all grown up' game. that's right children, you have to read all the reviews in order to know what you are getting into.

in other news, it seems like i'm not the only one who thinks espn sucks. now, the new york post isn't what i would like to call an 'upstanding media organization', and has been known to sensationalize various articles. However, they are dead on when it comes to the article in question (of course this particular instance is the exception to the rule. that makes sense, right? ...).

i am working on a funny comic, but this week will be really busy. sunday i'm running for 13.1 miles. yes, it makes me nauseous too when i think of it.


Monday, May 18, 2009

other words

another night slips away/ in other words, i should say/ there are other words, you should say/ there are other words...

a co-worker was let go the other day. this is neither a radical statement, in this day and age, nor is it necessarily an implication about the current state of the company i work for (since my co-worker was a temp.). that being said, it is interesting to see the reactions around the office, how certain conversations are missed, how there is an overall different 'tone'. one gets used to the idea of having people around and therefore we do not sometimes say the words we want to say. because, after all, there is always tomorrow, right? i guess not. i recently found out about this 'third place' that we sometimes create at work. needless to say, such changes in the landscape of people around us has a significant affect on said 'third place'.

at least my co-worker will no longer have to suffer through the michigan commute. i wish him all the best.

i want to say more, but tomorrow comes quickly over the horizon, and there is much still to do.

leave it for another day then, there will always be another day, another night... don't you think?


Thursday, May 14, 2009

embrace your inner nerd

only an engineer could get excited over sites such as this and this. well, that's not quite true. but, i do know that all the bar charts, color graphs, visual comparisons, etc. excite a part of my inner core not usually bathed by warmth. its dark and sickly place, inhabited by creatures that have not seen the light of day for many millennium. i don't know why such beasts would be excited by the performances of new technology, maybe they have watched too much ghost in the shell. they certainly not interested in the recent stories losely connected to their ancient past.

i have recently made a purchase that i only have slight buyers regret for. 'slight' in the sense that there is a digital version coming out soon. that, and the same french studio is going to convert a favorite set of books into something else i can waste money on. maybe this will convince old george to finish his latest book... anyway, since i also got this in the deal and both for under the price for one of it new (which is no longer in print), i think i did alright.

finally, it seems my favorite gadget is getting cheaper. maybe chinh will buy one as well. hope springs eternal.


Monday, May 11, 2009


...for a double dose of my pimp love. if you have not seen the movie that corresponds to that quote, you are doing the world a great disservice. i mean that in all seriousness. it is one of the main reasons that i avoid using 'txt', 'thx', 'lol', etc. to express myself. (that, and my genetic makeup has a deep seated love of the english language, despite my many attempts to evacuate that part of my psyche...).

speaking of good movies, i loved the new star trek. i found it a refreshing combination of the old formula and innovative thinking, joined in such a way to keep me thirsting for more. not only this, but the casting was fantastic. who could have thought that my own simon pegg could make such a good scotty? amazing.

anyway, the reason i started this post is that i plan to 'upgrayedd' my computer soon, a task that leaves my palms sweaty both with fear and anticipation. my brother in law mentioned this site to guide me in the ways of the force, and i don't know how i ever got along without it. however, should the worst happen, know that i love you, and our separation from the web won't be forever.


ps. still working on some new drawings...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

the joys of modern technology

i can't really imagine a world where one would have to drive, or walk, from business to business, handing out paper resumes. sure, for the occasional summer job, the time changing oil or cleaning hallways as you realize that maybe school is not such a bad thing after all, such a method of finding a job might be well and good. however, with the advent of technology, this practice has certainly become antique. still, there is something to be said about handing an breathing person a physical resume. it implies, if nothing else, that some stranger has given you the slightest acknowledgment of your own existence, if only for long enough to drop it in the trash when you are not looking. technology has changed all that.

working in the car industry, especially now, you are even more aware of how fleeting one's job is and the soul crushing feeling of filling out countless online applications. makes you want to do something else with all the vehicles scattered about you. that, or look for another line of work. this brings us to the sad little 'comic' above. remember the mantra, 'just get the product out' and keep your critiques to the more helpful. such as, how the heck do i make simple straight lines in photoshop?!?!! i want a tablet...

speaking of things i desire, this was just announced. between that beta and blood bowl's beta, i could become a beta machine. now, to slit that alpha male's throat and take leadership of this pack. that's how it works, right?


Saturday, May 02, 2009

a lego for every day

chinh showed me this site (she usually is the first to notice something 'cool') and i thought that i would share it with you. the dedication that such an endeavor requires is beyond me (obviously) but it certainly has sparked my interest and made me want to strive for 'more'. hopefully, you will reap the benefits like the good Lord has taught us.

oddly enough, i recognized many of those legos, and it got me to thinking how could i better use the things around me? well, i (and maybe you) are in luck. can't run to the bank to deposit a check? have a camera phone? you are in luck. this is the kind of thing that while i was a young pup, playing with said legos, i thought could never exist. this is not to say we have reached some kind of promised land as far as technology goes, however it is nice that there are those who are working hard to get us there. now if only i could get my coffee machine to do my laundry...

i finished the blood bowl beta the other day. 'finished' is another way to say; 'the beta was closed (ended) and now i feel a gaping hole in my chest that longs for some sweet nectar to restore its fire.' needless to say, its not as bad as some people have it, but i do hope that such delights will be returned to me soon. between that and starcraft 2, this year could shape out to be very exciting game wise. till then, i'll just have to chew on less desired cuts of meat.

finally, if a company is failing, they should be allowed to fail. i, as a taxpayer, own planes, trains and now automobiles (and of course, banks). but, i do understand the moves that need to be made. after all, i am a conservative and a pragmatist, and that isn't the same as being a republican. so, with a shrug, i say lets see what the next 100 days gets us. who knows? things might actually get better. hopefully they don't get any worse...