Tuesday, January 27, 2009

girls and video games

chinh is addicted to castle crashers. she will play for hours, the same level over and over again, just to level up her character. she plays with or without me, to continue the story and to find new weapons. i love it. i love it primarily because this is not our relationship (picture c/o penny-arcade):
or, more specifically, the roles are reversed. envy me, my friends.

in other news, nader abdallah, besides being the only Palestinian (i think) in college fbs, is an american bada55. just ask the boys over at our honor defend. he's won an 'award' and stuff. but seriously, i love his story. everything this country is all about.

finally, our buckeyes are not doing so great on the hard court. short story, we need to beat michigan tomorrow. if nothing else, beating michigan again will feel good.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

basketball season

with football over, now starts the long wait. while we wait for the harvest season, we have a nice distraction that's played on a hardcort. this is basketball. and even though the buckeyes look like a long shot to make the big dance, it is our duty too root our beloved bucks. (the boys over at eleven warriors seem to think we'll get in if we are in the top 5 in our conference)

that being said, i'm excited about next year. with lebron in cleats, who wouldn't be?


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

let me start of by apologizing

yes, i know. i have been bad. i have not posted and that is number one sin of all blogs, be they large or small, well read or mine. i apologize and ask your forgiveness. i hope that you don't start fearing me because of our lack of contact. as smart people point out, that would be stupid. we are clearing out our space here at lancelot, though i guess we should have started in the kitchen. maybe we will get back there eventually, we are the kings and queens of organization.

in other news, this is the time to buy a car. most of you know that i work in the auto industry and have heard my opinion on modes of transportation, and for the rest of you who have been living in caves know that the auto industry is struggling. i took this to heart (see picture), and my family evidently did as well. three new cars in one year?
crazy... be jealous.

of course, you could always buy a tablet and crayon physics instead (it would only be marginally less expensive).

finally, i love this house and you should too.