Tuesday, November 09, 2010

And now, a short story...

It had not always been this way. There had been a point in his life that he would have stopped and helped her, a time where doing the 'right' thing seemed natural. There was a distant memory of a house with a small garden, sunlight filtering though large windows illuminating dark wood floors, peaceful afternoons filled with soft laughter. There was a home, a family, a life. There was a distant memory of a time that was, and a pain in his chest that came with the knowledge of a future that would never be.

But that was the past, survival the present, and vengeance the only thing the future had to offer. So he continued down the darkened street, ignoring her muffled cries for help and the bright knife that shone brightly in the moonlight.


Monday, November 08, 2010

Life in the Nation's Capital

It is interesting because national news is local news. And, by 'news' I mean politics, of course. It is something that I don't particularly enjoy and try to avoid. Often, if I find myself straying to the distasteful subject, I find that the conversation dissolves into something that one observes all too often in the DC (US) region; a shouting match where neither side listens to the views of the other. I guess its hard not to get riled up when there is so much money changing hands. I mean, I want some more cash. I mean, I can have affairs, smoke and not inhale, point out the location of Russia on a map and repeat empty slogans as well as the next guy. Don't I deserve some love? Click on the picture to find out who to talk too to get some love of your own.

Ahhh, well. I guess it could be worse. I could be submitting noise complaints about those reckless hoodlums living upstairs in NYC. Side note: interesting what a hundred million phone calls can reveal about a city. Seriously though, it could be worse. I was interviewing someone today, speaking about the part of the city I live in and was struck by how many positives I could name. Its not for everyone, but tell me something that is. Jesus? Yeah, you're a smart ..... I do, however, miss certain friends terribly. That is one unfortunate thing that comes with living in the district. It's ok though, I'm working on a diabolical plan to get them to move here too. It involves a lot of praying, a baseball bat, three paperclips and a previously unreleased version of 'thriller' by Michael Jackson. That's right, Diabolical with a capital 'D'.

In a mostly unrelated note, a h
elpful venn diagram:

Remember kids, there are people out there that follow John Gabriel's greater internet theory to a 'T' (whatever that means), so keep your information safe. It is for this reason that I (and you) should avoid status updates such as: "you make me feel dead inside" or "needs a pick me up"
and "getting that Deja Fu feeling... that somehow, somewhere, he's been kicked in the head like this before". First, if they make you feel that way, telling everyone on facebook doesn't make you seem any more like an adult. Second, begging for a pick me up through a computer is not as efficient as meeting friends in a bar (or for ice cream because ice cream is 'the awesome'). Third... well, that third one is actually pretty funny so we'll let that one slide. Anyway, you get the point, keep yourself in the right circle (see what I did there?) and you'll be fine.

Off to get ready for the next fun filled day.