Monday, June 08, 2009

evidently everything's emerging

and the things that are coming to light are quite impressive indeed. i did not get to go to this year's elitist gathering of the electronic upper echelon (also known as E3), but i still wish to draw your attention to some of the more interesting reports that have come out recently.
first, for those who warhammer 40K means something, there is a new game that is coming out that takes a drastically different look at the warhammer universe. no longer are you controlling large companies of deadly troops, no sir. four will do just nicely.
second, i love rock band, and i have a turntable at home. logic says that the combination of the two will bring me joy unmatched. lets hope that such logic is sound.
third, for those who can't get enough halo, a pair of games to help further satiate your hunger. hopefully these will do better than the middling 'halo wars'.
fourth, and finally microsoft gets rid of something that was a bad idea from the start. so you want me to take my real money, exchange it for some exotic currency you have dreamed up and then give you that said exotic currency in return for a game? right...
fifth, another title from our friends at nintendo is trying to encourage us to use that lump of gray matter perched on top of our heads. next your going to tell me they want us to exercise these fragile husks, o wait...
sixth and lastly, i think i have touched on this before, but i think that a game where you are encouraged to live with your consequences is just awesome.

yay, all done.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009


the results are in, and the long and short of it is that i achieved my desired time.1:45:02, which equates to an 8.02 per mile pace. i don't know if i could run it any faster if i wanted too, but we'll see. half marathons are much more reasonable to train for when compared to full marathons. in the end, i'm just glad that my timing chip worked because it didn't work for the detroit marathon and i had to get my results added by sending in pictures of me crossing the finish line.

other results are coming in as well. some are the result of someone accidentally posting something they shouldn't. let this be a lesson boys and girls, if you are working on a list of the u.s. nuclear sites don't post such information on the internet. people will find it. i guess this whole thing is a little interesting for me in the sense that i am fascinated by how much is recorded in this current time. i mean, a bridge can't even collapse or a plane land in a river without a couple of cameras pointed their way. i mean, what is facebook but a giant stalker organization? ok... maybe its not that sinister, but it certainly could be used as such. i know i don't have to go to any high school reunions any more...

finally, looks like the results are not quite in for FFXIV, but the 360 seems to have a fighting chance. too bad for sony...