Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a new page

hello everyone, see anything different? no? well, then you don't come here enough. i've changed the look a bit, added a bit and taken a bit(e) out of crime. so, all you thieves out there best watch your back. i'm slicker than dr. horrible and that's the truth.

apparently its still the same weak content...

one of the main changes will be the introduction of labels for each post. i believe (hope) that this is a great way to try and organize the posts into the various themes/content that you or i are interested in. makes it easier to link to it later. this is a big step because it means that i am investing in this particular location. previously, i could post, or not. i could update the look of the site, or walk away, and not feel like i wasted any effort on the whole. committing to posting a couple of times a week (surprise) and keeping the look up to date means that i do not have the freedom i initially did. why make this commitment? i guess i would answer that with my own question, do you have anything you created online that has lasted more than a couple of years? yep, i would like that as well.

all this website theorizing would probably be much more believable if i wasn't so addicted to defending my desktop. ya, you heard right all you creeps out there. i got a level 5 basher and water cannon just waiting for you (that is, if you make it through the level 5 frost and dart). seriously though, don't click that link, it s like super intense crack laced with caffeine and a pinch of saffron for color.

speaking of good movies, chinh and i saw the hulk this past weekend at the "dollar" (i think it was $1.50) theater. it was such a relief to see a movie redeem a hero like that, i encourage you to wipe your mind of any previous hulk movies. also surprising is that i liked the hulk much more than the golden army. while the character costumes, set work and even overall story (idea) was impecable, i felt that the acting prevented me from really being able to lose myself in the movie. ahh well, third (or fourth, or whatever number it is now...) time is a charm.