Saturday, October 31, 2009


i have a cold and that is the suck. it is the suck in the sense that i almost never get sick, but when i do it is usually painful. plus, it gives my relatives an excuse to pick on my habits saying that those habits are the reason i'm sick while totally discounting the majority of time which i feel fine. awesome. even my boss is getting into the act which dissolved into the following link being sent. and, no, for those who are wondering i don't have a third nipple. anyway, this means that i will spend my day not watching the buckeyes (thanks big ten network) and looking at giant trees and lego kitchens.

npr is something i listen too every morning. i find it more intelligent (usually) than the other talk shows that are on, with reports such on everything from faith to ghosts. i don't mind that listening to such a station puts me into the 'old' category, generally its the only way that i get to hear the news, and news in such a way that someone isn't shouting at me. don't get me wrong, though, i am conservative. i just think the main thing holding back the conservative movement is the republican party and the far right.

but enough of my babbling, i just received windows 7 in the mail! time to update my machine, i've heard that this version is not 'the suck'.


Sunday, October 04, 2009


after a visit to our local lego store, i was once again bitten with the desire to collect a complete star wars army. it was a surreal experience in the sense that i saw the same (literally) toys i used to play with when i was a lad. and this experience teleported me to a different time, when i might imagine myself somewhere in the various stories that these wonderful tiny distractions would provide, living a 'normal life' in the sci-fi universe. i think this has given me a new idea when it comes to pumpkin carving this year.

fun. unlike some of the other sci fi distractions that have come out recently. well, maybe 'not fun' is a little strong, maybe 'price gouging' is a better way to describe it. i mean, there are much better things to spend your money on. geeze, i miss gaming.

finally, it is football season and that means my nights are pretty much shot, although i will be making a few exceptions. usually i like to watch the games at home where i can make a fool of myself and most people won't hear about it. recently, however, i've been looking for a local hangout to watch 'the game', mostly because the big ten network is 'the suck' and is not shown here on the east coast. hopefully, though, the rest of the dc metro area will not be subject to my groans.