Tuesday, March 16, 2010

traveling back in time

Let's go back in time, shall we? Because, you know, that's evidently possible and stuff.

We, and by 'we' I do mean the royal 'we' and 'we' meaning chinh and I, will be attending linked event because we are nerds. And, as nerds we are firm believers that going back in time is super sweet. Kind of like
Star Trek, and it don't get much nerdier than that. It is one of the many benefits of living in this new location, working in a super sweet job. How sweet could it possibly be? May I suggest just a couple of videos for your consideration. And, no, NASA is not my employer... not directly at least.

Of course I could be doing something like this instead. Which would also be sweet, if not as destructive as one might like. But, you have to admit that its pretty cool. And if you don't, well then you are just not thinking hard enough about the problem. It is funny to read the comments listed under the above videos. They usually fall into two diametrically opposed categories: awesome! and sarcastic cynicism. Both suffer from a same problem, they don't think about the problem (whatever it is, be it crashing helicopters to study injury or solving a rubix cube) and simply same the first thing that comes to mind. Kind of like defecating out one's mouth, its not pretty and leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. So, stop, take a breath, and critically think about the problem, you'll find much better things to praise/criticize. Trust me.

I try to be a bit objective now in this blog. Not that I don't have plenty of opportunities to gush about how I might love one of these (get your mind out of the gutter) but because I feel particularly vulnerable sharing honest opinions, let alone feelings, with the slobbering horde that exists in this medium. (see above for further explanation) It is this very feeling that makes something like this so much more amazing. To be fair, half of my obsession with this publication is the amazing amount of data produced in such a beautiful way. The second part is a grotesque fascination with people who could expose such intimate details about their lives. It's a little like see a horrific accident on the highway, you are repulsed by the death but are fascinated by the destruction. Is that person still alive? Did everyone make it out before the car caught fire (and we all know how many car fires there are in the district)? And so you slow down, and stare. You are not a terrible person, horses are terrible people. One reads these blogs with the same fascination, like watching a train wreck, you want to see how it turns out and thank God that it's not you.

On the other hand, I guess it is good that we are beings that feel and project emotion. The other option is we could all be robots.