Friday, August 21, 2009

thinking about weddings or... i learned to stop worrying and enjoy the ball and chain.

i wrote this a while ago, but never posted. please enjoy...

given that it is coming up on the second anniversary of my tricking my wife into saying 'i do' (and that we just recently got our wedding pictures), i have been thinking about weddings and such. maybe we should have had the wedding in albuquerque, it is after all the best place to live. or maybe we should have served some different food too our guests, i mean who doesn't like burgers and fries?

in the end, though, we had one kick a$$ wedding, and i wouldn't change a thing.

back to the present...

we have moved to a new state, a new set of jobs, a new adventure. that is part of the reason that i had not posted in so long. prior too and during the move, i oscillated between huge excitement and debilitating depression, partly because we were leaving such good friends and partly because i didn't really know what i was getting into. it is this fear of the unknown in every new situation, be it a new school or a new job that gives one pause and can destroy any good thing. fortunately, we are nothing but happy here. come visit, we'll show you.

my job is fun, rewarding and generally 'the awesome', read more about it here, chinh will find out more about her job in september. the one thing that is terrible here is the traffic. 45 min is a good commute here, and coming from a place where my work was 3 mi away that is a tough pill to swallow. that being the case, it certainly seems like there are more things to drive to.

o, and super grandmart is much better than h-mart.

i hope to post more in the future. till then...