Sunday, November 22, 2009

married games

the buckeyes beat michigan, won the big ten outright and are going to the rose bowl. the universe is in perfect harmony. time to look for other things besides football till january.

that's why friday night is going to be game night for chinh and i going forward. i'm not sure what games we will be playing, but hopefully none of them will be played in divorce mode. this is actually a small *cough* problem that i have; i'm incredibly competitive, and this competitiveness tends to make me hard to play with. this is especially true if you might be married to me, thus being forced to endure my unpredictable bouts of competitiveness. so... you know... watch out for that. on another note, we also have a fairly regular exercise routine that we are implementing soon. this is not in reaction to the things we might be eating, more because it feels like the right thing to do. well, i guess i lied a little, this way i get to eat more chipotle burritos. yum.

i often work with high speed cameras in my job and you can film some pretty cool stuff with technology these days. unfortunately, i wasn't smart enough to start my own television show or film the invisible forces of nature, but i'll keep working at it. if nothing else, i'm learning a lot of cool techniques while unlocking the secrets of the universe (read: simple physics, aka. engineering). maybe i could share my knowledge of physics with future presidents, being that i live so close to the whitehouse and all. till then, i'll keep finding approximate solutions to exact problems.


Monday, November 16, 2009

so many video games...

xbox (aka. microsoft, aka. the evil empire) has found so many ways to extort more money from my pocket. from quests to defeat dragons to entertaining a crowded club, nothing is beyond their power. now, with the most recent update to xbox live, they are exerting their mighty power over your very procreation. what a crazy world we live in.

i have often thought about the problem of how to power a nation. while i think that water, wind and solar (heck, i came from new mexico) all have a place in the grid, there are probably some other options that will have to be considered. however, converting russian nukes to energy probably wasn't first on my list. that being said, i'll take the energy wherever i can get it, just find a place to dump it for the next million years (note: new mexico is off limits). truth be told, i don't know what the answer is, i just hope it turns out to be the right decision.

i'm full football mode now that its officially hate week. having lived in the state up north (and making some wonderful friends up there), i can say with no reservations that i hope we beat the crap out of michigan. o, and yay for the rose bowl.