Friday, September 19, 2008

if i were a cupcake...

i'd be from outer-space. i'm not sure if i would be green, or have a laser gun that went 'pew! pew! pewpew!', but its the kind of oddity that makes me smile. i guess that being a cupcake would also mean that i was a pushover, an easy win, a trap game, etc. but, would these things really be true if i also had that laser gun? maybe i'd shoot your big 1-A team all to h3ll.

pew! pewpew! pew!1!!

i'm 2-0 so far this week, predicting the louisville and colorado upsets. ya, i know, i didn't write it anywhere, but you can ask my wife. she wouldn't lie to you, she doesn't want my head to get any bigger than it already is. so, with that being said, here are the predictions for the remaining games that i plan to watch:
uconn over those terrible baylor bears
tOSU over a dangerous troy squad
penn st over some school involving organized religion, or at least their name indicates something of the sort (see earlier cupcake reference)
minn gets revenge over another school that's popped up in florida (seriously, give me $50 and i'll start a football school in florida)
iowa beats a team that still curses the fact that mark may is a alum
purdue rebounds against cmu
florida squeeks out a close one against rocky top (lets be serious, tenn can't win anything)
mich state runs all over some other school involving organized religion
wake forest beats florida st. (i seriously dislike florida...)
auburn gets revenge over lsu
georgia beats asu (7 - 3, second most boring game of the year)

i'm in cbus this weekend, give a shout.

extra point: now i get to see my wife even less.