Tuesday, April 28, 2009

baby steps

that's what i feel like i am taking in this whole 'photoshop' thing. that's ok though, because i'm spending more time grinding it out on blood bowl than i am drawing. which is a shame, since in the end i feel like i've failed myself, cheated you and done the world a disservice by not trying my best. o well, chalk it up to immaturity. i have acquired some new tools though, maybe i will try them out soon. if you have been following at all, you know that i have several things on my plate.

tycho sums up my general distrust/dislike/disinterest and any other 'dis' you can think of when it comes to forums. i have talked about this before (again using someone else idea's to explain better than i could ever hope too) and i can't help but think that this is a losing battle. maybe not even that; its not that i'm lazy, i just don't care. and this something that i'm going to have to work through.

short post tonight. more later this week.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

quick update

i don't think my love of all things 'nerd' is a secret. and if it is, well now you know, and knowing is half the battle. thank you g.i. joe! however, it seems that i am not alone. that such a man would play d&d is nothing but validation for me, and for that i love him. is that bad? its platonic love, i promise. that bald head is pretty attarctive though...

but, enough of that, let me get back to my original point. about 'knowing' and 'half the battle' and such. well, it seems that in addition to being made into a live action movie, g.i. joe has another job. that's right, he's too much of the perfect soldier to be displayed on the big screen. he has to protect freedom on all fronts.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the new addiction

for the past couple of days, my schedule has been as such:

7.00 am: leave for SAE Congress in Detroit
4.45 pm: return from SAE Congress
5.45 pm: finish shower after running 3 - 6 mi (length of run will obvious shift this time)
6.00 pm: leave to go study for PE
8.00 pm: return from studying and eat
9.00 pm: work on the computer, catch up on emails, etc.
10.00 pm: play blood bowl till my eyes bleed

the last entry is familiar to me although it has come in some other forms (such as this), but the effects of it is generally the same. i'd like to think that i get all the important stuff done first, but such a schedule leaves little time for something i love. like sleep.

however, i'm not going to talk about video games this post. no, i'm going to talk about an earlier addictions. there has been a plethora of information coming out of buckeye land, and it seems mostly good. so much information and openess that they are once again letting you come down on the field (for a small fee, of course). i, for one, are out of said cash until further notice, what with being hospitalized and all at some time in the distant past. i am, of course, incredibly excited about seeing what this new season will bring us. i have already decided that anything short of a mNC would be a dissapointment. too soon? i don't care, deal with it.

sorry, maybe no comic till next week. i got a stomach ache from something i saw....


Thursday, April 16, 2009

just get the product out the door

i dislike that phrase. i always thought (and were instructed) that if you were going to do something, you should do it right. you were demanded to do it right. and yet, i think i now understand it. the silly comic you see took entirely too long and is far form where i wanted it to be, but its finished. one thought i am going to keep in my head from now on is that it is better to get something out than nothing at all. plus, i got a lot more experience in layers, effects and such. i hope you like it, and even if you don't, i hope you keep your comments constructive. i hope to be doing this so long that you're going to want to eventually force me out the door. bumbling and old as i may be...

with all the news coming out, you may have missed this. i think its a good idea, and i work for a car company. a car company that isn't doing so hot. i think that its long overdue and i think that it will fail. but, i hope that it doesn't. after all, a previous great revolution involved trains right? or, we could use the two legs God gave us (with a little help of course). speaking of fast trains and unique technology, you may have also missed the plethora of news about this. one of my top games of all time, if only that ps3 came in an english version... ahh, but i supposed with all the money i'm losing it's better that it doesn't.

finally, can we say 'conservation of momentum'? i hope the news wasn't a shock to any of you out there...


ps. i've been selected as a blood bowl beta tester, i'll let you know how it goes

Monday, April 13, 2009

give the people what they want

my own mother didn't like the way i drew eva. i guess that just goes to show i don't know when to stop. hey, it worked well enough in getting me a super sweet wife. o well, hopefully some of you out there had a different opinion. (just kidding with you mom, you always taught me the best sarcasm)

while waiting for me to slog through another project, i though i would upload what i have finished so far. the working title is 'the adventures of brown bear'. enjoy. or don't, you'll be in good company.

future projects: hera (you don't want to mess with her), falling cherry blossoms (single frame comic), mac and pc (three frame comic), the promise of 'on live' (two frame comic), images for iphone app (single images)

looks like i have a fair amount of work to do. i should take a day off to get some of it done. that and stop crashing those castles...


Thursday, April 09, 2009

learning about cupcakes

well, maybe not cupcakes, but at least we are learning about something involving food. from personally enjoying said sandwiches, i can tell you that they are by far the best meal between two pieces of bread that you could possibly have. in fact, its at least in the top ten meals of all time for me. that's how you know its 'for real'. similar to those in the article, i have taken my own spin on this traditional-colonial dish, adding a bit of this and that. however, nothing i could ever do could top mrs. nguyen's recipe. it is truly a work of art.

unlike my darling to the left, which is not a work of art. yes, i know there are areas that look unfinished and sloppy, i don't care. right now i'm teaching myself photoshop, so i suppose a few errors are to be expected. that and i am trying to flush out the characters in my mind. for instance, does lancelott like blue shirts? does eva wear lipstick? is that cupcake full of poison? you know, the normal character development. in addition to the acceptance of putting out work that i don't feel is 'perfect', i'm trying to be laid back about the entire process and not force anything. so if any of you are tracking said progress out there, come back every week and there should be something new and 'improved' for you too see. in the meantime, satiate your cravings by following this. insane...

following up on that link, seems like some retailers are not doing so hot. i have a significant amount of a&f merchandise, primarily gifted to me, and i can say that on the whole its not too bad. then i look at the prices for my shirts with holes in them and something inside of me dies. that's ok though, i didn't need that bit of compassion anyway. besides, i will always have tiny ninjas to teach me things like compassion. who knew that ninjas actually liked pandas?

and, finally, i know that this is not news to most of you who follow our Lord, but i just wanted to let you know that dark days are coming.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

some explaining to do

maybe you noticed. maybe you didn't, and maybe you don't care. but, i thought i might explain the pictures that will (and are) coming to this site. first off, i want to make it perfectly clear, i never took steroids *wags finger*. this guy obviously did. i did, however, start to make good on the promise i made to myself a long time ago. the picture on the right is lancelott, in all of his photoshop 6.0 glory. it took me at least an hour, if not more, to produce that marginal character. i hope that further attempts not only look better, but also take significantly less time. all in all, i'm not hating the result completely.... yet. ask me tomorrow.

this does, however, bring up a good point. i'm developing a girl character and need name ideas. your input is appreciated (read: desperately needed). it is, after all, not a bad time to come up with some neat graphics to spice up one's site. lets say you want to learn about inflation, a neat flow chart with snazzy graphics might help. or, how about 27 diagrams, images and such showing where all the money went, would that hit the spot? i thought so.

so keep those ideas coming, and stay tuned. maybe something sweet will show up.


ps. espn, you can't deny the magic any longer

Thursday, April 02, 2009

day in and day out

its the same old grind, another day another 75 cents. makes you with you were working on something 'cool', like this. i see a lot of future for this kind of device, and the video shows the first, painful, baby steps into the brave new world.

other than that, not much to report. more snow for the midwest. love the spring out here...