Saturday, September 19, 2009

better visit while you can

we just got back from the motherland (fatherland?) and it seems that we visited it just in time. you see, there are certain parties that wish the lovely swiss alps would just disappear. what a crazy world we live in... of course, we were able to miss the painful loss that shouldn't have been which was also an added bonus and returned in time to see a much happier game. its a testament to how much i love football that i speak of it after such a trip. in all seriousness though, this was one of the best trips ever and i hope to post pictures soon. if you have a chance, you should visit too. one word of warning though, it is a bit expensive. if you live in the DC area, however, this is obviously not a problem.

we are looking to get a ps3, it being a great option if you want a blue ray player, not to mention being pretty popular now that it got cheaper and shed a few pounds. it might be a little much for us in the sense that we have a Wii, xbox 360, ps2, psp, 2x DS, 3x laptops, desktop... but, in our defense, there is no blue ray player in that list. plus, we would be able to play fat princess.

and, finally, i still think mark may is a moron.