Tuesday, January 26, 2010

its still cold here

and yet, it seems that people here in baltimore still don't want to turn on the heat. while i agree that baltimore, maryland is no ann arbor michigan when it comes to the cold, there is a point where saving money just isn't worth it. a co-worker of mine who lives in the city remarked that the area this 'home' (and i do use this term loosely) is located in a mostly college student/medical campus area and while they don't strike me as the doctor type, maybe they are just trying to pay the student loans. more power to them.

just a quick update to let you know i'm still alive. hopefully more interesting things to talk about in the future.


Monday, January 18, 2010

continuing with the theme...

... of poaching my friends links sent to myself and reposting them as new information, i give you this: new evidence that we are indeed in an era of progress. or, maybe not, maybe they should have googled the 'how too' manual. o, wait... too soon?

again, now that your sarcasm meters are properly tuned...

in all seriousness, the data is quite striking. for a guy who spends months preparing for a test that might last all of 300 ms (if its long, and yes that is in units of 1e-3 seconds) and then spend several more months pouring over the data, it is amazing to see all of these numbers that must have been a result of a lot of hard work. even better, they took the time to plot it in a way where you are practically force fed conclusions. want to live a long life in the southern hemisphere? austrialia might just be for you. wonder why people are still talking about crippling poverty in sub-saharan africa? learn to read a bar graph. think mexico city has a ton of greenhouse gases? try turkey on for size. all in all, quite a pretty picture. i think that the saddest thing is that men are now the majority. joke is on them though, i'm already married. take that 'sucka'!

yes, i tried once again to call on my thug life. yes, i'm done now.

i've been playing a fantastic, diablo-esk (is that a word?) game recently and throughly enjoying every penny of the $19.95 i paid for it. in an era when games are $60 or more, this is quite a fantastic development, especially considering that i have a $50 per month allowance. if nothing else, it will keep me busy until something else drops. of course, i could also always try to better myself in areas where i'm unfamiliar. but its late, and i'd rather go to bed.

but, one quick thing before i go. i wholeheartedly endorse lying to make people read classics. seriously, its just a reprint, as far as i know. i'd like like a motha' to get people to read dune.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

straight up thug life

maybe you are not aware, but D.C. can be a rough place. between the shoot outs with cops and the car fires one might think that you were in L.A. kicking it with the good dr, not the nation's beautiful capital. and i would forgive you for that, not everyone can handle the straight up thug life that exists in this area of the country. that being said, at least we don't live in arlington, that place is 'fo' real'.

now that your sarcasm meter is properly tuned... i give you something no one will be surprised at: a train wreck. in simpson character voice, 'most obvious article ever!'

i tend to listen to more mellow music than my contemporaries. it sometimes brings snide comments as it is not 'hip' or 'cool' or even 'manly'. i suppose i would acquiesce to the last descriptor, however i have never felt that my 'maleness' was tied to the things i listened too or the hobbies i enjoyed (although football is one of my deepest obsessions, that is 'manly' yes?). i play way too many 'nerdy' games to be worried about such stereotypes. with all this in mind, i would like to propose another option; most music played today just sounds bad, and here is the data to prove it. crushing, is it not?

finally, i love to watch movies but no one ever wants to see the movies i would like to devour. thankfully, the new york times has stepped in to help me find like-minded people, turns out i'm simply living on the wrong side of the city. who knew? and, what interesting inferences one can make about the demographics of each city based on the data.

also in simpson character voice, 'mmmmmmm, data' *drool*