Monday, July 20, 2009

tiger resistant laptops

i have to get a new computer (laptop) for work, and i am lucky enough that it will be ordered for me. unfortunately, i immediately thought of my problems with various 'dell' s and begun to quake with fear. on the other hand, maybe i will get a tiger resistant laptop. either way, things could be a lot worse, i mean keanu reeves could be destroying one of my favorite series of all time. now that would be hard to live with...

in other news, my phone is 'the awesome'. "its just an iphone" you say, "you sound like a fan boy". well, does your phone have a super sweet HP calculator? i think not. i mean, if there is anything that will make my father love a phone, it is this app. though, to be honest, i do think that at&t is a pile of epic fail. its just that verizon would fail in so many more ways...

and, finally, i have built a new computer. it is also 'the awesome'. i will try to post pictures when we are settled in our new place.

o, you didn't know i was moving? you must not be part of the 'cool club'.


ps. i should have built my computer like this... i am not as uber awesome as this...

pps. this is an awesome shirt and i think it sums up my general feeling about social networking sites