Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we, who are about to die...

who knew that crawfish races were such an intricate endeavor that it would require several engineers to come up with rules summed up in the following diagram:

yes, this truly is progress. when one can dream up games involving the use small animals, shortly before consuming said animals, then one has achieved a level of sophistication and civilization that will be studied in text books for centuries to come. and, why stop at small animals? why not also take a harmless child's game and bend it to the will of one of the original hardcore shooters? yep, you guessed it, contra.

news of this magnitude might kill a lesser publication, but that is not the case here. no, dear readers, we make like andrew bird and soldier on.

in the past, we have might poked fun at the plight of those friends who might own a ps3. this overly expensive, non game carrying device that screams elitism has long been the butt of many jokes. however, a new day might be dawning, and it should strike fear into the hearts of microsoft and sony alike. the upside of such a system is obvious and mindblowing... although, i would tend to agree with those checking for scars on wrists before crowning a new messiah, but i've always been a bit of a thomas. the problem that comes with everything from vehicle simulations to online videogames is the amount of stuff you have to cram down that pipe, the bigger the pipe is required to become. a smaller pipe only leads to sadness and shit everywhere, and unfortunately a small pipe is all that most are available to afford. like i said, if the technology can overcome this semmingly impossible obstical, all the better. personally, i'm going to wait to crown a champion. after all, this isn't the first time we've heard this song and dance.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sheading the nerdy image

that's right boy, i'm making like the syfy channel (not to be confused with the scifi channel) and changing up my image to something that truly reflects my life and personality. from now on, 50 and i will be sipping our own personalized drinks down at the club before we go out and put some blood on the sand. it will truly be ill...

...and by that, i mean i will be sick. seriously scifi? that's as lame as petsmart (pronounced 'pets *pause* mart') changing their name to petsmart (pronounced 'pet' *pause* 'smart', notice how they are both spelled the same way....). this was one of the integral parts of my childhood. i learn wisdom and courage from jean-luc picard, i enjoyed comedy and laughing at one's self from a guy and two robots
, i watched immortals battle and men make giant leaps. then you go and drop this on me? i guess its high scool all over again and you've gotten too cool to hang out anymore.

its cool, i'll just go kill zombies on my xbox (sorry ps3 friends).

and, in conclusion, it seems apple has done at least one thing right.


Monday, March 16, 2009


no aig employees here, just giving up to the latest local trend. to be honest, though, i feel like a small part of my soul was ripped from its cradle nestled deep withing the beating warmth of my chest, carved out by own weakness in resisting the pressures of my peers. looking through that lens, i guess if i had a multi-million bonus coming, i would do the same thing... then again, i still have at least part of my soul remaining to warm this broken husk, to direct me in the very most basics of 'right' and 'wrong'.

the other day i had the opportunity to regret the purchase of my awesome, l337, super sexy car. and, while this new contender is certainly doing well, i still have no regrets. i would, however, say that if one was looking for a good hybrid that this new insight is a good bet. this does, however, create a small conundrum when one works for another automaker who produces a popular hybrid. ahh, well, strong competition is good, right?

in other news, for those who know castle crashers, this is where they grew up


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

why do churches fall down?

this is on the wall of a church in lausanne, switzerland. pretty, yes (larger picture available by clicking on said image)? well, maybe not pretty but at least it seems interesting. you might wonder why they have such a diagram, with its various arrows (forces and moments) drawn in a seemingly random way. if you could read french, you might gather that the church is falling down and the diagram is discussing the various forces that the arches of the church must support. after long moments of staring at the picture, marveling at its beauty, it's genius, you might wonder why someone would have taken a picture of a diagram of an arch. well, don't look at me, seems like people are taking pictures of all sorts of crazy stuff these days. turns out that if your are taking the picture, that's manufacturing. if you are sending the picture, that's distributing. and, if she is under 18, that's called child pornography. crazy, indeed. i'd much rather look at force diagrams, but both pictures might make you think of falling churches.

in other news, related only in the sense that it also involves engineering, the new insight looks freaking cool. don't believe me? seems like you'd be in the minority.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

america, where you're punished for saving...

(...and get a bail-out if you spent too much on your house or are the head of a major bank)

i just finished my taxes, can you tell? if it was uncle sam's goal for me to buy a house in the next couple of years, he failed. he failed real bad. well, old boy, i hope you enjoy spending my cash bailing out your buddies and those 'poor' people who did not bother to read the contracts they were signing.

in other news, watchmen came out this weekend and has received mixed reviews. although i have not seen the movie, i think that if you enjoyed the 300, you will have no problem with watchmen. what i find really exciting/interesting about these type of movies is the physics that go into it. yep, you heard me, physics. i watched a special on einstein the other night and was struck how many ideas were born from daydreaming (read: 'thought experiments', but evidently you need to be a great physicist in order to call your wandering imagination a thought exeriment). the special theory of relativity, energy is related to mass, the curva
ture of space and time, all these were born of this imagination. so remember kids, the next time your mother or father tell you to put down that comic book, tell them you are studying your physics.

in other, slightly related, news, it seems that it has also been known that gamer's faces are much different than everyone elses. surprised? don't be.

finally, there is some more fun coming to us from the evil empire (read: espn). this is a bad idea, reeeeeeeal bad.

edit: evidently doing drugs affects your ability to game. surprised? i thought not, but the idea is still a very cool one.

peace, ko

Sunday, March 01, 2009

bumps and bruises...

there i was, hitting the jump perfectly, 160 degrees though my 180 degree old man trick when i realized that i was not going to make it. naturally, i stick out right had to catch my fall, breaking my wrist. fortunately, i write with my right hand... next time i'm going to use my rear to absorb the impact. on the flip side, maurice and i can spend more time blogging now. he seems to have matured quite a bit, i wish i could have seen that kind of progress in my own life.

all the best, old buckeye, all the best. i hope you continue turn a new leaf. me, on the other hand, have been cursed with "the knack" and therefore am doomed for life. fortunately, my mother did not give up on me, molding me into a human being capable of interacting with others without immediately being stoned. well, not immediately anyway...

on the flip side, i've found a comic that explains my relationship with chinh: