Monday, May 24, 2010

i love macs

not really, i just wanted to see what kind of reaction i could get out of you. truly, i think apple is an evil company, run by a megalomaniac, but geeze do they create sexy products. so, of course when the pictures of a beautiful new prototype iphone and subsequent dismissal of an apple employee was to me and i guess all of you, par for the course. that was before i knew that the people over at gawker were even bigger tools. i mean, lets say i have a watch. say, i don't know, a rollex which you know i couldn't afford. maybe its dangling from a inside pocket of my trench coat, whatever fits your image. lets say i found it and will sell you it for a steal. and that's where gawker is in the wrong, they bought stolen goods and they knew they were stolen. plus, they aren't journalists, no matter how much they whine. you got to play by the rules my friends.

s'ok though gawker, i found you a quite toilet to go and cry alone in. They even made you a sign:

anyway, now i'm feeling a ton of apple love, even more so after one of my favorite all time drafting software decided to jump on board as well. heck, people are even redesigning outlets to help one be at peace with ones macs.

ahh, its a wonderful world.


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